Why Just a Bite?

Just a Bite Cake Pops is a licensed bakery in the city of Irvine, CA.   Each cake pop is hand made with care in our commercial, Orange County Health Department certified kitchen also located in Irvine.   To ensure their quality, each cake pop is always individually wrapped with a cellophane wrapper, making them perfect to hand out at trade shows, offices and children's parties.

We have been making cake pops since the beginning and over the past 5 years have perfected our recipes and packaging making our cake pops consistently delicious with each and every bite. 

Our bakers are always busy with orders for bridal showers, birthdays, weddings and small gifts but are also well versed in large-scale production, able to accommodate orders of hundreds and thousands. Our corporate clients appreciate our customization, logo designs, individual packaging, national shipping and local hand delivery.

A little about us.  Our founder, Mindy Himmel, has always been active and concerned about diet and nutrition.  With a wild sweet tooth, she would typically find herself looking for just a little something sweet. Given the large serving sizes that are so en vogue right now, that typically resulted in a gigantic cupcake, colossal cookie, or a massive slice of cake.  What Himmel loved about the idea of a cake pop  is that they were decadent, rich, satisfying at just a fraction of the typical dessert serving size.

In the spring of 2009 Mindy saw a recipe for cake pops and made them for a party. They were a hit with friends and everyone else who had a bite. Mindy fell in love with cake pops too and has continued her romance with cake pops ever since. That is how Just a Bite Cake Pops began, a sweet tooth, a little bit of praise and a ton of hard work.

Since our beginning in 2009, Just a Bite Cake Pops has become the largest online supplier of cake pops in Orange County and the Western United States.  No order is too large for our talented staff of baking and pastry experts.  From 12 to 12,000 cake pops, each bite is consistently fresh, delicious and meticulously dipped and decorated.  We ship from coast to coast via Fed Ex.  Just a Bite Cake Pops is just the perfect treat for bridal and baby showers, weddings, thank you's, treats for school, weddings, birthdays, potlucks and client appreciation. We also specialize in high volume custom corporate orders.  

At Just a Bite, we believe it’s perfectly alright to indulge, at least a little bit, and a cake pop is all the dessert you will ever need.